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Divine Renovation -- <I> Group Reading Guide</i>
$2.95, 50/$124.50, 100/$199.00, 200/$298.00
Evangelization <I>Experiencing and Sharing the Catholic Faith</i>
$2.95, 100/$249.00, 300/$597.00, 600/$1,134.00, 1000/$1,790.00
Fun Prayer Activities for Summer -- <I>Puzzles, games, and activities to help you talk to God!</i>
$2.95, 50/$122.50, 100/$195.00
The Gift of Preaching -- <I>Exploring the 10 Principles that Bring a Homily to Life</i>
$2.95, 100/$249.00, 300/$597.00, 600/$1,134.00, 1000/$1,790.00
A Guide to Quiet Prayer -- <I>The Catholic Way to Pray</i>
$2.95, 50/$124.50, 100/$199.00, 200/$298.00
Jesus: the Master Catechist -- <I>12 Lessons from Jesus</i>
Regular price: $9.95
Here on this website: $8.95, 7/$55.72
A Fresh Look at the Mass -- <I>A Helpful Guide to Better Understand and Celebrate the Mystery</i>
Regular price: $12.95
Here on this website: $11.66
Pocket Prayers for Married Couples
Regular price: $9.95
Here on this website: $8.95
We Celebrate Our Marriage
$2.95, 50/$124.50, 100/$199.00, 200/$298.00
The Joy of the Gospel -- <I> 6 Small Group Sessions from Pope Francisí Joy of the Gospel</I>
$3.50, 10/$29.50, 50/$122.50, 100/$195.00
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